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Highlight the quality of the public service, at the heart of all exchanges with businesses.

AWEX is the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency. Their agents are active around the world to provide the necessary help to Walloon and foreign companies. They have a huge amount of information and actions to share with businesses.

Optimize Access to High-value Information

Content First

With a strong emphasis on information architecture, integrated search engine and direct access to their homepage, our task was to help users quickly fetch the most accurate content, without the need to browse through fifteen thousand pages.

Easily get in touch with clients

With a deep understanding of the structure and roles of AWEX agents, combined with our user-centric perspective, we sorted out a large list of contacts into several well thought-out categories and filters. All this to seamlessly drive customers to the right contact.

Pascale Delcomminette

Director General
We have been working with La niche for several years for our websites. Creativity, advice and efficiency are the key words of this collaboration!

Efficiently Spread Visits Over Multiple Platforms

AWEX Online: An Efficient Ecosystem

From Export to Import, including Student Programs, customers needed to clearly understand what to expect from AWEX. So we provided a clear landing page, summarizing all the service platforms as well as design a toolkit harmonizing each of them into a single brand.

How we did it

We built a custom CMS based on our Emulsion framework to provide a complete tool for the entire AWEX ecosystem.

In order to better integrate the fifteen thousand pages of the old site, we worked with AWEX to organize and showcase all the contents. We then set up an optimized tool to import, edit and enhance each page, offering the best user experience possible.

Finally, we constantly work with AWEX to analyze traffic and user experience (with Hotjar for instance), and implement updates to tailor the site to the latest trends and technologies.

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