John Cockerill

Design, Strategy, UX
countries in 5 continents
sectors of activity
digital platforms in 3 months

From CMI to John Cockerill, through their digital platforms.

Driven since 1817 by the entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for innovation of its founder, the John Cockerill group develops large-scale technological solutions to meet the needs of modern times: preserve natural resources, contribute to a greener mobility, sustainable production, fight insecurity and facilitate access to renewable energy.

With more than 6000 employees, John Cockerill achieved a turnover of 1.3 billion euros in 2018.

From CMI to John Cockerill, a transformation through digital

Our Mission

As part of the group’s overall rebranding, a new website was one of the cornerstones of this huge and sprawling project. Developing a functional site, easily maintainable, in accordance with their new graphic charter, all in record time, was our main challenge.

The second challenge was the creation of an annual digital activity report, in order to effectively communicate the vision and direction of the group, its results, but also the new direction and brand image around the world.

The Results

  • Digitalisation of the new branding through two new platforms: website and annual report.
  • Clearly translate the complexity of the group through a coherent and well structured site, attractive and evolving.
  • Support and disseminate the values ​​and results of the company throughout the world, via an annual report up to the company’s ambition.

Caroline Crevecoeur

Group External Communication Manager
Adaptability, flexibility, speed… Everything becomes possible with a team like La niche… And what’s more, with a smile! Thank you.

A dynamic project in a stable and evolving tool

The site runs on WordPress CMS with a custom implementation that facilitates the creation of complex content, easy management and representation, in line with the new identity.

We focused on secondary but important functions such as security, performance and SEO.

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