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Using digital to scale up

Skylane Optics is an European company established in 1998, supplying a wide range of optical transceivers, passive products and products for the smart-home. Skylane employs a staff of 48 people, with an annual turnover of 16 million Euros, 4 of which are reinvested in R&D.

Support business growth

With 99% of their order book generated from the international market and a 20% annual growth, Skylane Optics needed an agency and partner to help them build a digital ecosystem that could creatively display their products and reinforce their position as leaders in their field.

  • A perfect challenge that matches our vision and our ambition.
  • Create a digital presence and convey leadership position
  • The main project: creating a website that allows users to easily browse through the products and get in touch with the sales team.
  • Bold design decisions can have a huge impact on brand and product perception.

Thibaut Van Hauwe

Marketing Assistant, Skylane
A multidisciplinary team that listens to our needs and adapts to every challenge!

Help a company grow at fast speed in a competitive environment

Through a custom backbone developed by our team, information flows between the website and the Skylane back-office, constantly updating the online catalogue in multiple languages.

We built two e-commerce platforms for Skylane to help them handle the great diversity of their products. Both sites closely match their workflow and work perfectly with their internal tools. Given the size of their product database, the integration of these platforms and their synchronization was a true technical challenge. But we’re very proud of the quality of the final product, in terms of user experience, accessibility and stability.

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