Product Designer

Our team is looking for a great Product Designer to join our team. You will solve problems, prototype, design, benchmark and most probably drink local beers while laying down on a lion’s pelt.

You’re a really talented, hardworking, team-playing, experienced UX/UI designer, and on top of that, people always said you are a great human being. Because you know, here at La niche, it is just as much about who you are as a person as it is about what you can achieve with us, because we both know it all comes down to quality-driven work and your capacity to listen, understand issues and suggest on point solutions to your clients’ challenges.

Your mission

  • Apply UX methodology of the agency
  • Benchmark best practices and innovative experiences
  • Define strong and innovative principles of organization and navigation
  • Create concept models, sitemap, flows, wireframes and prototypes
  • Design awesome & relevant digital solutions
  • Achieve and analyze user testing
  • Work with the team to create strong and efficient platforms

Apply now!

We need your updated portfolio and resume and by the way we don’t care about your cover letter, we already know you’re willing to work with us. We care about result.

We’re waiting for you already.