Enhance customer relations

Client: Eggo Scope: Development, Strategy, UI, UX

Eggo is the Belgian kitchen brand. Present across Belgium, as well as Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Spain, with the focus on accompanying the client and qualitative services being at the core of this family run business.

Activating new customers

The average kitchen life span is about 17 years. Therefore generating interest in a new one is critical to making customers decide to renew.

We created a content strategy that pushed towards a 3D kitchen configurator. With posts about the latest trends and actual Eggo completed projects, we pushed our clients to imagine what a new kitchen would look like for them.

Driving store footfall.

Every Eggo sale starts with a visit to the store and a meeting with a consultant. Therefore driving traffic to the store was a primary need for the business.

By putting the accent on getting meetings for the consultants, we engaged potential customers early in the process. For every 10 visits, at least one results in a meeting or a consultation of store locations.

Reassuring clients.

Eggo clients have to wait a while whilst their kitchen gets built to their exact specifications. Therefore it was essential to clarify all the different steps of the process of acquiring a new kitchen.

We developed a client space where we could communicate with them, and keep them updated with the progress of their project.

How we do it

  • Custom-made Connector to Proprietary ERP for Form Collection
  • Google Maps API for Showroom Search
  • Google Marketing Platform & Hotjar for Interface Monitoring & Enhancement

Using digital to scale up